Just how many people are using rich media on the web, simultaneously?

1 07 2007

… Typically, around 3.35million if this report holds up. Akamai, a company “that delivers as much as 20% of the web’s traffic each day” provides a snapshot of simultaneous rich media usage based on last week: “at one real-time moment 671,280 were enjoying rich media, much of it video, simultaneously.” Though the report adds that the figure grew to just shy of 1 million streams per minute during peak times.

Some other interesting stuff in this report:

Bear Stearns say: “77% of internet users call respository sites of all kinds of video their preferred methord for seeking video content. That’s tied for best with links that are forwarded by friends. And it’s better than the 57% who said a search engine is a preferred method or the 54% who prefer such a major media outlet as MTV.com or ABC.com”

Great news for video aggregators…




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