Live streaming video – even HD – without the burp

2 08 2007

Technology firm Swarmcast has announced the release of a new platform for live video streaming, promising greater QoS, even for high-definition video. The company claims the solution eliminates re-buffering and stalling of long-form video content, over a standard broadband connection and without compromising on picture quality.

The solution “aggregates packets of data from multiple sources in real-time… by blending resources,” [augmented by servers, according to posted feedback from the company’s PR] claims the press release.

Last month the company released Autobahn Accelerator, a free downloadable tool which it claims optimises both video streaming and downloads.



One response

28 08 2007

beyondnessofthings has moved this comment from Swarmcast’s publicist Monica Appelbe to its rightful place, accompanying the post it relates to (was originally posted to the ‘About’ section of this blog).


I just wanted to clarify the difference between Swarmcast’s multi-source streaming technology and P2P, which you blogged about regarding Swarmcast Live. Unlike P2P, multi-source streaming does not utilize other users’ PCs to retrieve content, but rather requests files from multiple, designated servers simultaneously, and then receives pieces of the file from several sources as cacheable HTTP objects. Sending live video as cacheable HTTP objects means customers can use their existing HTTP infrastructure as opposed to having to install a new or proprietary media server.

Other so-called multi-source solutions deliver multiple pieces in a random order and reassemble them at the end so the user has to wait until the entire file has been downloaded before watching. Swarmcast’s method delivers the multiple pieces of content in order so the video can be viewed as it streams.

Hope that helps. Please let me know if you have any other questions about Swarmcast.


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