Don’t want to be targeted, contextualised, watched? Get Firefox

3 09 2007

The International Herald Tribune reports on the AdBlock Plus plug-in for the Firefox browser and its “potential for extreme menace to the online advertising business model”.

The program creator claims 2.5 million users have so far installed the app., hardly a big enough figure to yet worry the likes of Google; but with its user base growing by 300,000 to 400,000 a month, this may soon change.

What keeps ad execs awake at night?

3 09 2007

Great selection of quotes in this Adweek piece, including Carat CEO Sarah Fay:

“Advertising avoidance. I sit on TiVo’s advisory board and the statistics are ominous: 50 percent of TiVo owners skip nearly all advertisements. Their IRI panel shows this is affecting purchase behavior significantly. This behavior also indicates a general rejection of advertising. The marketing industry has to be faster in catching up with the consumer and innovating to counter this trend.”