U.K. DBS operator Sky ups the broadband ante

4 09 2007

Like most developed countries, broadband access has been reduced to mere commodity, with price-slashing to the point of £0 making others wonder if there’s any margin left in the business at all (note the proponents of such moves are also the ones bleating loudest about how content providers should reimburse them for the heaviest levels of video-rich traffic).

Now first news has emerged that Murdoch-controlled U.K. satellite platform Sky — which already provides bundled high-speed access to its own customers — is to compete head on in the wider access market.

But the move belies a broader intent on Sky’s part: unattributed sources suggest it is focusing on a major ramp-up of its online TV offer. So on 4 Sep 2007 we see the first moves towards capturing a TV market which may not use the traditional TV set as its focal point. Watch this space.