What the studios say, what the studios are doing

31 07 2007

Sometimes a job title catches your eye, and it was just that when I was at a recent industry event in Hollywood. The scheduled (but no-show) speaker from Sony Pictures Entertainment was purportedly VP of the mysteriously-named ‘Digital Media Initiative’.

I’ve watched with interest Microsoft’s convergent play with its Xbox Live Marketplace VOD service, so when’s Sony going to join the party? PS3 is, after all, a superior platform (technically speaking).

Perhaps further clues lie in this report from Broadcasting & Cable which suggests a strong contingent from SPE at next January’s consumer electronics bun fest, CES.

Let’s hope they get it right this time. Despite Sir Howard Stringer’s insistence that the company will be more joined-up, its squandering of opportunity across the digital media space, given its disparate interests across content and devices, is nothing short of scandalous.

Watch this space.

Update: 1 Aug 7

Mention and the internet delivers. The blogosphere is rife with rumours, centring on a tuner/DVR-enabled PS3 (predicted some years back). Can’t wait to see what the online VOD offer is like…