TV – the end is nigh (well, not quite)

8 04 2008

Some interesting stats on more advertiser money moving into online (no brainer), but exaggerations of linear TV’s demise are again exaggerated…

Britain is the most developed online advertising market in the world and spend looks set to overtake that for TV by the end of next year, according to yesterday’s report by the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB), PricewaterhouseCoopers and the World Advertising Research Centre

Last year’s 38 percent online ad growth was driven by the rising number of people online, the introduction of cheap laptops and the growing popularity of catch-up TV on the Internet through services such as Channel 4’s 4oD [have they never heard of BBC iPlayer??] – commented Reuters.

Guy Phillipson, IAB chief executive, believes a changing web audience helped, with women aged between 25-34 spending more time online than men, together with more over-50s logging on to the internet – added The Guardian.

New U.S. industry group aims to create standards for downloadable media

29 07 2007


The Association for Downloadable Media (ADM), a new cross-industry organisation counting Apple among its founder members, has been launched with the aim of producing common standards for measurement and advertising for audio-visual downloads.

Despite growing consumer use of podcasts, video podcasts and other types of downloadable media, to date it’s been difficult to make these accountable to advertisers. It’s hoped that the ADM, which will have close ties to the American Association of Advertisers and the Interactive Advertising Bureau, will help create a more consistent landscape for advertisers and sponsors, thus increasing monetisation of the sector.