Heathrow airport bars middle England

27 07 2007

What a great day for bizarre news stories. Aiming to prevent next month’s mooted green protest, British Airports Authority (BAA), the owner of London’s Heathrow airport, has applied for a court injunction so wide-ranging that it could reportedly bar access to members of the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds and guardian of the UK’s stately piles, the National Trust.

According to a report run this morning by BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, BAA are aiming to exclude all groups affiliated with the Camp for Climate Action – scheduled to take their protest to the world’s busiest airport from 14 to 21 August. But you’re fine if you’re a compassionate Christian — Christian Aid, one of the groups mooted to dig in for the demonstration, wasn’t specifically named in BAA’s application.

The unbearable lightness of being at London Heathrow

18 07 2007

Welcome to the world’s busisest and most disgraceful airport.

The queues snake round the building for check-in, then they snake around again for security, then they snake around again for passport control. And once you get through… shops selling things nobody wants, at inflated prices and with stroppy sales assistants. The place is such a toilet and the most outstanding anti-advertisement for Britain.

Tyler Brule got it spot on (sorry FT subscribers only)