MPAA chief urges criminal sanctions for U.K. piracy

7 09 2007

Tough on piracy, tough on the causes of piracy… Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) prez Dan Glickman has met the new U.K. film minister Margaret Hodge, as well as advisors to Prime Minister Gordon Brown, to ask for a change in legislation to make piracy of copyrighted content a criminal, rather than civil offence, reports the Financial Times.

“The UK is the largest international market in terms of studio revenues [outside the US],” Mr Glickman told the FT. “It’s an extremely important market to us, but piracy is very significant there.”

Hollywood has enjoyed its best summer in years, raking in $4.2bn at the US box office, but the industry continues to lose money to pirates, the report adds. Hollywood’s largest studios lost $6.1bn in 2005 to piracy worldwide, according to the MPAA.