A better way to stream TV?

4 07 2007

Business Week is breathless in its praise of a IP multicast product being brought to market by Israeli technology firm Arootz. The piece argues that streaming and p2p downloads cause the net to become congested and that the impact of huge numbers of video files being distributed simultaneously could strain available network capacity; the alternative: either ISPs invest in more infrastructure or use a solution such as multicast to make existing distribution more efficient.

The premise is sensible enough, multicast is a more cost-efficient route for ISPs to go down; it’s something which UK broadcasters the BBC and ITV have been looking at. Yet there are still only 14 multicast-enabled ISPs in the UK, according to this source.

So back to the Business Week article which prompted this post… I’m all for anything which raises the profile of multicast, but the coverage does have the whiff of a VC funding round about it. There are plenty of multicast vendors out there, Arootz is just one of them – seemingly with a product which won’t brought to market until next year.