Online viewing on the rise, but TV still in rude health; study

18 07 2007

Just a day after New Paradigm’s bleak assessment that 16 to 29s would rather have the internet than TV, Nielsen and the Cable & Telecommunications Association for Marketing (detect vested interest?) have hit back with their study, which assert that while 63% of 129 million broadband users in the US watched online video during March (a 16% increase from September 2006), it’s “incremental new viewing”, not a substitute for TV viewing. But there’s more: 33% of those surveyed increased their TV viewing time vs. 13% who spent less time in front of the TV.

Other insights include ABC as leader of the pack when it comes to the network TV portals, while the Yahoo! movie site was the frontrunner in the film category.

Sample and methodology: 2,200 online interviews.

16 to 29s would happily live without TV

17 07 2007

Over three quarters of 16 to 29s worldwide would rather live without TV than the internet, according to New Paradigm research referenced by e-marketer. Whilst the methodology of the study may have been a little self-selecting, given that it was conducted online, there is a ring of truth about the finding that half of those surveyed find media portrayal of teens and young people too negative.