Joost continues its industry schmooze

30 06 2007

 Joost logo

Gotta hand it to these guys, they’re more serious about the product than many in this market; it’s pretty cool to use (if you like TV that way) and in addition to the opportunistic addition of Viacom (post-Google snub) as a content partner puts them in a pretty good place. The arrival of new CEO Mike Volpi draws on the experience of a Cisco veteran (or heir apparent to John Chambers), tasked with making Joost jump from the PC to TV.

“We have the opportunity, through the Joost platform, to combine that media fare with interactivity and all aspects of the Internet,” Volpi said. “Our number one task right now is to create this market,” gushed Volpi to the assembled audience of Hollywood execs, at an event for content owners and advertisers. “Long term, getting digital content onto viewers’ TV set is the Holy Grail of Web video, analysts say,” the report adds.

A recent report in Investors Business Daily [sorry subscription only] reveals that the Joost software has been downloaded 700K times. An even earlier recent report [sorry can’t recall source right now] suggests 600K registered users and 60K active users — over 10% of the installed base. Not bad for a brand new product with no mainstream consumer awareness.

IBD‘s take on Joost’s main competitors: Metacafe, Break, Sony’s Grouper, Blinkx, Jalipo and Babelgum.