Heathrow airport bars middle England

27 07 2007

What a great day for bizarre news stories. Aiming to prevent next month’s mooted green protest, British Airports Authority (BAA), the owner of London’s Heathrow airport, has applied for a court injunction so wide-ranging that it could reportedly bar access to members of the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds and guardian of the UK’s stately piles, the National Trust.

According to a report run this morning by BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, BAA are aiming to exclude all groups affiliated with the Camp for Climate Action – scheduled to take their protest to the world’s busiest airport from 14 to 21 August. But you’re fine if you’re a compassionate Christian — Christian Aid, one of the groups mooted to dig in for the demonstration, wasn’t specifically named in BAA’s application.

The things the web makes possible… Part II

11 07 2007

The Caravan Channel

Coming soon: the armchair antimacassar channel and the people-who-eat-sandwiches-on-the-grass-verge-of-motorways channel.

Pooches Reunited… or should that be DoggieTube?

5 07 2007


Like to be Linked In with a pedigree? Poke a mongrel? Yes, it had to happen, the world’s first social networking site for our four-legged friends. The Dogs’ Diaries section is particularly surreal.

The Paris Hilton Trading System

30 06 2007

A new way of stock tracking that’s as reality-based as current company valuations, courtesy of Updata CEO David Linton. Echoes of Celebdaq

“OK, it’s Friday and I couldn’t resist building on an idea mooted by a client recently. We have dubbed this the Paris Hilton Trading System. I started out with the idea that you buy Hilton shares in the US on good news about Paris and sell on bad news, or indeed the other way round. But the results were fairly mixed and deciding what constituted good and bad was getting difficult. The Optimised Stop for Hilton is 3% with a 5 day signal delay and you should not take signals during a breach or within 23 days of the stop signal.

So if you are trading news algos just take every ‘Paris Hilton’ on those stop conditions. The result is the Equity Curve below. “

Paris Hilton