How Joost lost its way

1 07 2009

Joost yesterday confirmed it was pulling out of consumer-facing services. Where did it fail where Hulu succeeds?

Lesson number one: when breaking a new product category, be modest, even if you were the founders of Skype and Kazaa.

Lesson number two: if you’re dealing with a media and entertainment industry sh*t scared about its future, be humble and straightforward. Suggesting that you’re about to replace television would be the wrong approach.

Lesson number three: speak a language that TV networks understand. Get them in the comfort zone and build.

Three simple reasons why Joost only had black and white episodes of Lassie and vids of girls in bikinis.

The arrogance of its founders was its principal failing.

Skype enables chat around content

8 08 2007

IP telephony service Skype has introduced a new feature allowing users to share online video content from Dailymotion and Metacafe during conversations.

The latest version of the software, which has 200 million registered users globally, allows users to download video sequences and then post these to their online profiles, or use these during online chats with other users.