EchoStar snaps up Slingbox creator

25 09 2007

The Krikorian clan must be rubbing their hands with glee, having closed a deal with U.S. DBS operator EchoStar, which sees Sling Media acquired by the latter in a cash and options deal valuing it at US $380 million.

The privately-held company, founded in 2005 by brothers Blake and Jason Krikorian, brought the Slingbox to market, a placeshifting device capable to streaming TV signals from virtually any kind of device in the home to anywhere else with broadband connectivity.

Checkpoint Charlie for old and new media

12 07 2007

Reuters offers coverage of Allen & Co’s media conference in Idaho, where Skype and Joost founders Janus Friis and Niklas Zennstrom were this year’s star turn. “The time in the market is good for traditional media and digital to come together,” Mike Volpi, Joost’s newly appointed chief executive, told Reuters. “Technology has matured to a point where rights can be protected properly.”

Sling Media’s CEO Blake Krikorian was there too, impressing Wall Street types not just with his placeshifting gizmo, but also news of his first major content deals with CBS and the National Hockey League.