The unbearable lightness of being at London Heathrow

18 07 2007

Welcome to the world’s busisest and most disgraceful airport.

The queues snake round the building for check-in, then they snake around again for security, then they snake around again for passport control. And once you get through… shops selling things nobody wants, at inflated prices and with stroppy sales assistants. The place is such a toilet and the most outstanding anti-advertisement for Britain.

Tyler Brule got it spot on (sorry FT subscribers only)

England goes smoke free tomorrow

30 06 2007

As the California-fication of the globe continues, Blighty introduces its no smoking in public places legislation tomorrow (1 July). Britain’s Spectator magazine has already marked the date by holding “The Last Smoke” dinner at London’s Four Seasons hotel.

Trends to watch for:

1. Smoking enforcement officers, empowered to issue on-the-spot fines to transgressors.

2. The pettiness going one step further as pariah smokers are fined for discarding their stubbs in the gutter; in spite of the near total absence of litter bins on British streets.

3. Expanding waist lines as reformed smokers turn to other comforts (see 4 below).

4. More products like the pack shot below, chocs for people who’d rather be smoking: