DailyMotion inks content deal with RDF USA

28 07 2007


Video sharing site DailyMotion is to license programming from independent producer RDF USA notes the Hollywood Reporter via Reuters.

RDF USA is the stateside off-shoot of the UK indie company best known for making inventive use of the space / time continuum during the British Queen’s photo shoot with Annie Liebovitz, disgracing the BBC. In the UK its hit TV shows have included Wife Swap, while its US subsidiary has produced commissions such as  Shaq’s Big Challenge for ABC. In February 2007, RDF established a digital unit, tasked with the creation of content intended for internet distribution.

Meanwhile, Daily Motion had 37.5 million unique users worldwide and 3.2 million in the U.S. in May and out-performed YouTube in its home countryof France

“YouTube dwarfs DailyMotion in the U.S., but its 4.7 million streamers (which translates to people who actually watch videos as opposed to just visiting) in April led other indie dot-com comers, including MetaCafe and Break.com, according to comScore Media Metrix,” said the report.

“While it will clearly be very difficult for any video site to replicate what YouTube has accomplished, DailyMotion.com is stating the strongest case at the moment, both domestically and internationally,” Erin Hunter, executive vp media and entertainment solutions at comScore, told the Hollywood Reporter.

DailyMotion is but the latest social network seeking to ramp up its selection of professionally-produced content; MySpace and Crackle (formerly Grouper) have announced similar initiatives during the past fortnight.

Sony hopes to give Grouper some Crackle

17 07 2007


Sony might’ve spent US $65 million acquiring social networking site Grouper, but since completing the deal last August, the site has struggled against titans such as YouTube and MySpace. Sony’s solution? A re-brand to Crackle and re-position of the site with an emphasis on more polished content from “emerging filmmaking talent”.

Sony promises payments, development deals and meetings with Hollywood execs for the best films submitted; as well as the opportunity for the very best to make the leap to TV screens via Sony’s TV channels.

The re-vamp offers content segmented into 12 ‘channels’ including animation, comedy short films, music, horror and “stories from real firefighters”. Just goes to prove that differentiation in this market takes priority over the legion of me-too offers.

Online Video Industry Index

3 07 2007

A handy directory of the main players in the online video business, both B2B and B2C; focused on the US market.