Well-mannered p2p file-sharing

4 09 2007

A round-up of recent coverage on Tribler, the file-sharing service which does for p2p what planting trees does for people who fly alot:

“Computer scientists at its [Harvard] School of Engineering and Applied Sciences are working with a Dutch team using unique P2P video sharing technology to explore a next-generation model for electronic commerce,” gushes p2p.net.

“The technology is being assessed by a European broadcasting body looking at ways of piping TV across the net, reports BBC News. “Tribler has also been used to turn Sony’s PlayStation 3 into a video-sharing device.”

“Use of Tribler is governed by a market in bandwidth, analogous to a market for physical commodities like oil. Users earn credit by uploading and can then spend it by downloading. Its creators say this ought to ensure that no one leeches, and that content is made available quickly,” reports New Scientist.