Chinese social networks: business models

4 08 2007

Adding to an earlier post on Chinese video sharing sites, here are some downloadable interviews with Victor Koo, CEO of and Gary Wang, CEO of

Chinese video sharing site targets > 30s

17 07 2007


When it comes to social networks, most press coverage is devoted to the usual suspects: MySpace, YouTube, etc. So interesting to see the latest stats from the world’s most populated country, China.

According to figures for the first half of 2007, is gaining market share over domestic competitors. However, unlike equivalent offers from market leader Tudou (dubbed China’s answer to YouTube), and western counterparts, youku is seeking to differentiate itself by targeting > 30s (including appropriately skewed content), a market which it believes is more lucrative. 

In common with the rest of the online video sector, agnostic of geography, 2007 will prove to be a year of consolidation: “There may be no more than five operators in the market by the second half of 2007 and no more than three players by next year,” said Mr. Victor Koo, CEO of “We are starting to see the turning point in this space.”