The slow evolution of TV advertising

28 07 2007

Product placement in US TV advertising was up 30% in 2006, according to numbers from research firm Nielsen, which has been tracking the category for the last three years. More interesting still, are the comments from John Zamoiski, CEO  of Norm Marshall & Associates, a firm which specialises in marrying brands with entertainment.

Mr Zamoiski asserts that it’s all about permanence: first ushered in with movies released to archival formats, such as VHS and DVD — stuff which consumers would watch over and over again, thereby exponentially increasing the value of any brands featured in such movies.

The explosive growth of TV programs on DVD and new distribution channels such as VOD and online video are only increasing the field of opportunity.

And how pervasive is product placement? Well this is the man whose firm got Dunkin’ Donuts into The Sopranos, Cadillac into Rescue Me, USA Today in The West Wing and Crown Royale in Desperate Housewives.

In related news from the Cable & Telecommunications Association for Marketing Summit, eMarketer reports more Nielsen numbers, suggesting that not only are more Americans interested in watching online video, but that such usage actually increases TV viewing time.