Fox, MySpace raise the game on web video

27 07 2007


MySpace and US broadcast net Fox have teamed with The Producers Guild of America for ‘The Storyteller Challenge’, a scheme which is billed to give up-and-coming filmmakers their own showcase on MySpace plus, for the best two entries, US $25K and development deal with Fox.

As posted previously, this mirrors a similar move by Sony’s newly re-christened social network Crackle.

Depending on which way you want to see it, it’s either a deeply cynical ploy by all concerned to squeeze more for less out of aspiring filmmakers, or a democratisation of opportunity for the next gen of talent.

In any event, the aim to raise the bar of their respective offers with more polished content can’t be entirely unrelated to a couple of recent pieces of research, such as this week’s Pew/Internet Online Video study, which indicate growing consumer preference for professionally-produced (vs. ‘amateur’) content. It’s also interesting to witness further evidence of the trend for the best produced-for-web content having the potential to make the leap on to TV.

Online video usage enters majority

26 07 2007


Latest stats from the Pew/Internet & American Life Project Online Video study, published yesterday:

– 57% of adults (30-49) are now users of online video, rising to 76% for 18 to 29s

– 31% of 18 to 29s watch online video at least daily

– Top 5 genres / categories (in order of ranking): 1) News [except for younger adults]; 2) Comedy; 3) TV or Movies; 4) Music; 5) Sport

– 57% of online video viewers share links for the material they’re watching, rising to 2 in 3 for 18 to 29s

– For young users social networks are the destination of choice for video watching – 73% of them do this

– 62% of those surveyed prefer ‘professionally-produced’ video content; though this reduces to 43% for younger males

– Just 7% have paid for accessing video content online